Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Now Serving Pelican Sandwiches?

It appears as though the diner clutching his huge c=sandwich and cold drink has just realized he's about to bite into the meat of a fine feathered Florida waterbird. This mural is on the side of Coco's Sandwich Shop on South 22nd Avenue in Tampa's Palmetto Beach neighborhood. They serve a lot of Cuban sandwiches, maybe a fried alligator or two, but no pelicans yet. (I wonder what pelican tastes like?)


Stefan Jansson said...

Like chicken perhaps.

Lowell said...

It would appear that the kid is frightened or perhaps the sandwich is just too big for his mouth! Pelican sandwiches!

I'm with Steffe. Like chicken. Tell you what, you try one and let us know. OK? ;-)

So nice to be getting your comments again!

B SQUARED said...

The guy looks a lot like Jerry Lewis.