Saturday, August 29, 2009

No Points for Second Place

The Rutgers University crew team, 2008, left their tag on the wall just under Kiley Gardens in Tampa's downtown. The artwork left by the teams is intended more for opposing college and university rowing teams then for us so they may at times be somewhat cryptic. RU is Rutgers, but No Points for Second Place is pretty clear, even to the passengers on this passing boat on the river. Many of these I just cannot figure out but I don't think they care; that's not the point. Like it or not, the effort that went into completing this red, white and blue design, and careful lettering, had to have been a well-orchestrated team do the teams always end up with a right-brain artist crewing with them that can create these mural? And, I always ask, when do they do them that no one ever sees them at work?

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Don and Krise said...

When you compare this to the usual tagging, at least I can read this. Looks like a sort of "Top Gun" theme to it too.