Tuesday, January 12, 2010

COLD Car Wash

I know many parts of the country don't have car washes like we do here in Tampa. I think it's the warmer climates that support the large wash/wax/detail operations. With the muck, snow, ice and slush on your roads your cars can get mighty ugly about now. Our latest "deep freeze" here on Florida's sunny Gulf Coast hasn't kept drivers from wanting a bright clean car. The washes are still operating and doing a brisk business. Notice that the the attendants are well insulated against the cold - a very unusual sight for Tampa.


brattcat said...

We do indeed have car washes up here but it sort of galls me to drive out of the car wash all clean and shiny and turn onto the sandy, slushy, ucky, splashy, salty, streaky roadway. Within a nano-second my car looks just as bad as it did when I first entered the car wash.

Lois said...

That reminds me that my car could use a good wash!

Vannessa Gabbett said...

Yeah, it's a bit confounding to have the car washed only to get it dirty again. The best thing to do during that kind of weather is to do a little cleaning when the car is in a severely dirty state. Nothing too polished, you know? Just enough to be presentable on the road.