Friday, January 08, 2010

Skywatch Friday - Season 4 Episode 26: It's not blue anymore

Isn't this a snow sky? It sure looks like one to me and with the temp dropping into the 20s here in the morning I think six layers of coats and sweaters may be the uniform if we venture out. I've shot this cityscape of Tampa before and even posted a shot yesterday of our downtown to show-off Tampa's brilliant, even sparkling clear blue sky. Well, this is a scene taken today from a little further out on the channel from Davis Islands. No shade of blue can be seen. It's a cold, gray and foreboding picture.

Visit Skywatch Friday to see the beauty and wonders of the world's most magnificent skies...even the cold wintry ones that can be so alutrirng and myterious. It's always an amazing show and all brought to you by Skywatchers from all over the planet.


Jacob said...

Ah, it doesn't look that bad, especially in light of what I've been seeing on the blogs around the world.

Looks exactly like our sky today, though. In fact, I think it started raining again.


brattcat said...

That doesn't look like a snow sky to me but it is a very beautifully textured sky.

Don and Krise said...

Wow, what a change twenty four hours can make. Our sky here was even more gray with rain all day long.

Regina said...

Beautiful capture!