Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hot Dogs in Paradise: A Florida Sunshine Treat

I am so attracted - photographically - to small, often movable food trailers. (I feature another one today at Tampa Florida Photo. TWO in one day. What great luck.) They are really too big to be called "carts" but they aren't permanent fixtures either. They serve the exact same purpose as sidewalk cart vendors in many of the world's cities and feed us everything from hot pretzels to shish kebab to plain, all American hot dogs, Sabretts please. This semi-permanent (because it hasn't moved recently) food trailer sits facing the Marion Transit Center for HART, our county's Hillsborough Area Regional Transit. It is the main hub of the system and is our nicest and most modern bus facility. It serves passengers going to and from all parts of the county of nearly 1 million. (HART also manages the TECO Line Streetcar System .) The facility, which I know you really can't see, was built in 2001 on the north side of Tampa's downtown, just at the interstate. It must be a very busy place at different times of the day and includes a customer service center, offices, driver lounge and passenger shelters. Notice that I did not say restaurant.

Well, there you have it. Entrepreneur to the rescue of all those starving passengers and drivers. I admit to you that I deliberately chose to shoot the back of the trailer. I just liked the way it's framed by the Mediterranean-style of the center, luscious plantings and tall palm trees. Oh, and Florida's gorgeous blue sky and clouds. From this vantage point the faux roof is very exposed, the employees' lounge is visible and the itsy-bitsy air conditioner, cut smack into the wall of the trailer, is a highlight of the whole thing. Do note the red and white striped awning is directly in front and the left side has a lovely and colorful curved awning. (You do know that with the AC running 24/7 the hot dogs would not need any artificial heat or steam to cook for the hungry diners. It'd be 120 degrees inside on most any day, especially as the trailer is sitting on an unused asphalt parking lot. My apologies for not showing the fine architecture and planning that went into the Marion Transit Center. It is nice.

This trailer is just too inviting. Catch the menu. (Oh, go ahead, click on the pic and get in close. HOT DOGS. COLD DRINKS. CORN DOGS. FRENCH FRIES. And the menu probably offers tons of ice with gallons of cold drinks. Step right up. Come one. Come all. Get your steaming Hot Dogs here. In paradise.


Jacob said...

I always wonder where they get their food, how they keep it fresh and/or seems to me these are salmonella wagons - or could be.

Perhaps I misjudge them.

Still, I shall avoid using their services.

Don and Krise said...

Some of the best food comes from some of the most unlikely places. This is cool, and perfect coming from a guy named Frank! ;)

B Squared said...

Healthcare for all employees? Restrooms? Documented Laborers? 401K's? Don't let Washington hear about this guy.

Lois said...

Fabulous shot Frank! I love the itsy bitsy A/C. They seem to have everything they need. Very enterprising!