Friday, May 01, 2009

Shadow of himself: Behind Dorothy or the Pirate

Just a shadow, considering its options. Pulled. Torn. Uncertain. BEADS SODA SNACKS CIGS hangs over its head. And beads are so Ybor City. It could pose for a photo behind one of the headless carnival cutouts on either side of the door. Dorothy on the left or the pirate with muscles and chains on the right.
Ybor City is an eclectic place with many sides to its personality. Designated a National Historic District, it is renowned for its architecture, heritage and rich cultural diversity. In the late 19th century the stores, restaurants, homes and factories were filled with immigrants including Cubans, Italians, Spaniards and Germans. They are justly proud today of their city and its history. They were the economic engine that drove the world's cigar manufacturing industry. The finest tobacco was handrolled and machine-made into cigars by the tens of millions. Today's Ybor City continues to celebrate its cigar heritage, its Latin traditions, delicious food, and colorful mix of retail, restaurants and residences.
This corner market attracts tourists, locals and students...even an occasional shadowy character, stopped in mid-stride, indecisive, undecided. Captured in a fleeting digital frame. But its shoes seem rooted. Does it pose with Dorothy and the rainbow? Or go for the pirate's treasure? I just love the options in Ybor.

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Don and Krise said...

Nice photo, and good narrative. Thank you.

Frank said...

Love your "editor in chief"!!

raf said...

This is great, Frank. Probably the most clever and original take on the theme I've seen. Welcome aboard CDP!

Hilda said...

With so many choices, I'd be standing in indecision too. Fantastic choice for theme day. And Ybor City sounds like my kind of place!

Frank said...

I appreicate the warm welcome to CDF. RAF - The Shadows window is great.

Ybor City is a very old place, relative to the rest of the Tampa Bay area. Lots of history, older architecture, etc. It is the place to go for entertainment and night life. Very popular.