Thursday, April 30, 2009

Don't Dare Touch My Red chair Again

There aren't many better views of Hillsborough Bay, Davis Islands and the entire downtown skyline in all of Tampa. And, for the cost of a blue (or red) camp chair, and a giant Slurpee, it's free. Relax and enjoy the vista, the cool breeze off the bay, sea gulls swooping in on dinner and long conversation. Now how could life be better? The quiet conversation as you come closer to overhear is Chrysler's bankruptcy, its merger with Fiat, whether the kids' trip to Cancun will be cancelled because of the Swine Flu pandemic (that's it, no more pork chops for you Helen), when WILL they capture Bin Laden (Just send me in after him Ruthie), after we lost all our life's savings we can't even afford another Slurpee and on and on and on. And to think that in our grandparent's day all they worried about was the flu pandemic of 1918, a silly dust bowl, handsome Mr. Coolidge ruining our country and the Great Depression. Isn't life a hoot, Helen. What will this generation think up next? Silly kids.


Joan Perry; Sidewalk Curator said...

Our marketing department just tried to take a picture like that on the beach for a brochure.

Frank said...

Sorry that darn city skyline is in the pix. (Those kinds of shots are all over our beaches.)

Paradisef said...

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