Friday, April 24, 2009

Here you're out strolling and taking in all the natural beauty of Florida and you come upon this attractive window display. Picture-perfect children. The light streaming through their colorful striped and polka-dot umbrellas is ever playful and inviting. Adirondack chairs arranged just so at their feet and a fake palm, dark and all alone, is standing off to the side. Lights are rigged to its trunk but the plug hangs loosely by its side. That's it. The whole scene is awaiting balanced illumination. Add sun to the sand and games. Bring some rays of light through the palm fronds. Here you're surrounded by natural Florida and you're gazing into a scene created by talented window dressers. To compel us to buy. Fake palms, sand and a huge photomural of smiling kid models in a beach scene. And obviously the kids love their Adirondack chairs. Do consumers expect to see scenes of lobstering in shop windows in Maine or boys and girls running through fields of wheat in stores in Kansas? I just can't help but wonder.

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