Saturday, April 25, 2009

A man and a woman. So much tension, yet cold and unmoving.

This sweet couple stand greeting passersby on Howard Avenue, our SoHo entertainment and restaurant/bar district. After your first realization that, no, sadly, they are not living, breathing locals trying to decide which of the hottest clubs to hit, you drive on by. But that first glance makes you look. He's sporting an Au currant goatee, skull t-shirt and bleached jeans. She is almost touching his hand, she's moving in on the clean-cut young professional dressed for bar-hopping on a Saturday night. She is declaring 'poison' on her t. The latest jeans and t-shirt ensembles probably set them back a few bucks. Just so they could look properly casual and unconcerned with their clothes. There must be forty or so popular nightspots to choose from as they make their way up and down Howard, South Tampa's place to eat and party. The famous Bern's Steakhouse is a couple of blocks down. That's it. He has their proper jackets stashed and they're heading to Bern's for steak and the dessert room after. What an elegant evening he has planned. (Now, will she take his hand in hers?)


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Frank said...

Thank you

Babooshka said...

Big welcome to the cdp. Had a quick peek. Like your humour. You need it too keep posting daily. Great image too and cheeky words.

Frank said...

Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. I visited Gary Barker's work on BBC online because I saw you work with him and I wasn't aware of his cartooning. Great talent. I too like political cartoons and politics. Of course, it's the American variety. Tampa DP is giving me an outlet for my great interest in photography. I'll now visit Ramsy DP to keep an eye on you.