Tuesday, April 21, 2009

As the sun begins to set, Tampa's downtown comes alive as the light jumps from surface to glass to reflect off one facade and creeps onto another. The Franklin Exchange Building, just visible on the left as the darker, shorter skyscraper, was once Tampa's tallest. Now dwarfed by all the newer office towers, it peeks out at a city that has grown up and outward over the decades. In the foreground, moored at its dock on Bayshore Boulevard, is the proud ship Jose Gaspar. The Gaspar, slowly disappearing into the evening shadows, reappears in all its glory just once a year as it carries the Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla to its invasion of our fair city. The flotilla of ships and raucous parade annually attract close to 400,000 revelers who celebrate the city's takeover by the marauding pirates. For now, the Gaspar rocks quietly, tugging at its ropes, its sails furled, while the darkness of the night envelopes her and the cityscape behind.


alice said...

Hello Frank! I'm happy to know your new blog, you live in a town which seems so exotic to me...Thank you for visiting Arradon DP and now being one of my followers.

Frank said...

Alice, your photos make Arradon look beautiful. We have visited p
Paris, Caen, Rouen, the beaches of Normandy, and ports along the Mediterranean (Nice, Cannes, etc.)but have never been to your area of France. Tampa is on Flroida's west coast and is a city of 300,000surrounded by the Tampa Bay area of about 3.5 million. There are gorgeous beaches nearby but we are just .5 mile from the Hillsbough Bay. It is a nice place to live. But, we would love to revisit your country and see Arradon. - Frank