Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A short drive west through the nice neighborhood of Beach Park, around Swann Circle and across Westshore, the road ends at Tampa Bay. These boats are sitting at docks in front of homes on a canal that's just a few yards from beautiful open water. Although three bridges connect Tampa to the Gulf beaches, these quiet residential streets on the Tampa side are highly desirable because of their view and frontage on deep, open canals that make getting out in the boat a simple matter of untying it and setting one's course. It's a lazy existence for these pleasure boats, rocking all day, all week, tied to a piling. Dodging sea gulls, barnacles and jets dropping lower and lower overhead making their approach into Tampa International Airport. But it could all change. The craft could come to life, throw off its lines and head out into the bay. It just got tired of the wait. It couldn't take another day of anxious anticipation. The day is too perfect. It was built for speed, fishing, cruising. Not a life of privilege and coddling at the dock. Never mind the talk of selling her. No. Never. What recession? High gas prices? Ok. OK. It'll sit at the dock, look spectacular and dream. (And look really good.)


Hilda said...

I don't know which I like better — the lovely photo or your witty commentary! :)

nobu said...

I like those clouds in the sky.

Frank said...

As I drove along the water I couldn't help noticing the incredible homes, cars and wealth...all represented by the boats at dock. Just sitting. Waiting.

The clouds were awesome yesterday. Fluffy, billowing and stacked high. And the weather is as good as it gets in Florida. Warm but almost no humidity.

B Squared said...

Looks a lot like here. A lot of boats that seldom move.

Frank said...

B-Sqaured - I love your facade that's not a facade.

With everything that is happening in the world, not just in fun-seeking, sunny Florida, the boats at their docks seem rather irrelevant 'bout now. Oh well.

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