Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Lighting the way for my true love

A lawn jockey shares his small world with a lady, a naked lady I think, shouldering a blue vase. Now, looking at the years of war our jockey has endured, I would bet the vase is filled with wine, or at least a couple of pints of Guinness. Whatever it takes to slake his thirst. Standing guard on the hot, dusty road, cars whizzing past, spewing fumes ...it's enough to make any lawn jockey toss the lamp and run for the beach or sailboat. But our little sentinel has a greater mission and purpose. See that stony, determined look on his face. Forget the homeowners, he's protecting his fair lady. His princess with the vase. As a couple they work pretty well together, except he's obviously the better dresser, or knows that standing on public roadways requires proper attire. She on the other hand only has her man in mind. Lawn jockeys go way back. Where the first appeared no one's quite sure. There are all kinds of fanciful stories...much like our beloved welcoming pineapples. Dressed in brightly colored jockey clothes, they are more popular in some parts of the USA then in others. Some of the jockey statues have a ring for holding the reins of a horse and others a spiffy lantern like our statuesque hero. Standing tall, an immovable sentinel at your driveway, he is solid as concrete. Dependable. I'd guess that as their owners drive away, they leap back onto the lawn chairs behind them for some shade and rest. But always vigilant, at attention, they still dream of spending time alone, away from the traffic, to explore one another's fading glories...and paint. And purpose. Ah, my beloved.

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B Squared said...

Seen many a jockey. This has to be the first husband and wife team. Well, opposites attract.

Lois said...

They are an unusual pair. From the expression on her face, she does not look to happy with him!

Jacob said...

I think he's jockeying for position with the nymph!

Hyde DP said...

what a lovely joyful combination

lifeshighway said...

I love this pair and will be featuring them on my blog with a link. I will be coming back.

Enjoy it immensely.

Frank said...

@ LifesHighway - I am so glad you found Tampa Daily Photo. I really enjoy yard art, strange and curious murals, odd and unexplainable objects and even weird mailboxes.

This is one of my old favorites that is still hard for me to believe: