Sunday, October 18, 2009

The French got it right: Raise your glass to the Citroën 2CV

This was the scene this weekend at the Lake Mirror Classic Auto Festival in Lakeland where almost 30,000 attendees enjoyed seeing hundreds of examples of the world's automotive manufacturers past and present. Some of the best known makes and models were proudly displayed alongside the rare and obscure. From the antique to the brand new, there was a car or two to fit everyone's needs and tastes for age, design, raw speed, luxury or utilitarian use. The world's grandest marques were side-by-side with car badges unknown and long lost to consumer history. They were all here from the just plain interested out enjoying the perfect fall weather and the show's lake setting to the serious collector. In some cases, such as the incredible collection of Chrysler Maseratis, clubs and their prize vehicles were extremely well represented. This picnic setting, complete with authentic French tablecloth, basket, wines, meats and cheese, was the perfect compliment to the colorful little car the owners had brought for our enjoyment. Their 1985 Citroën 2CV Dolly, a special edition of the extremely popular car, was glowing as it sat basking in the reflections off the water of the lake. During a production run of 42 years, between 1948 and 1990, 3,872,583 of these cars were produced in France and later, in Portugal. Your trip to France is not complete until a 2CV whisks past you on the street. It screams you are in France!

I want to WELCOME Lucy Corrander, a new follower
of Tampa DP. She has a very interesting and must-see photoblog at Pictures just Pictures, and hails from Dorset in the UK. Dorset is one of the most rural counties of England. It is situated on the south coast between Devon and Hampshire.
Do visit Lucy. I think you will be very pleasantly surprised and become a big fan of her images.
It is a fascinating part of our world.


Jacob said...

Methinks the Citroen is still a favorite amongst many of our French friends. I've never ridden in one but they certainly are unique and I find them quite attractive...maybe for longer trips, I'd prefer something else, though. Like a Rolls.


I would have loved this event! You lucky dog! And just 'cause you live in Tampa!

Don and Krise said...

What a great little car. The picnic setting is a perfect addition to the scene. I'm trying my best to tell what the reflection is. Would that be a Morris Minor?

James said...

These car show photos have really got me wanting to go to one. I'm not big "car guy". but I realy like your pictures and I find these cars really cool.

Coincidentally I started following Lucy Corrander's blog this morning. :)

B SQUARED said...

I smile every time I see one.

Leeds in Yorkshire daily photo said...

I know someone with a 2CV but his is not a Dolly, rather just the standard version. Funny though I said to him recently I had seen his car outside and he said could not be his, it was in the garage! So there are 2 red ones where I live.

Frank said...

@ Don and Krise - Yes, Mr. Eagle Eye, that was a great Morris Minor wood side wagon sitting to the right of the Citroen. You have a sharp ye into reflections.

Linda said...

How I love the 2CV! They sound just like sewing machines as they zip along. We're looking for a small second hand car just now and I madly want a 2CV. Unfortunately we need one that we can squeeze daughter's harp into, and I don't think the 2CV will do.

The picnic setting is great - just makes you want to be in the south of France!

Babzy said...

Beautiful 2CV,i like to discover them all around the world ;)