Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tampa's weather is fantastic...Day after day after day after.....

I have a number of blogs I love to visit. Many of them I spend time with reading the commentary and examining the photographs. (I love to be able to enlarge many of them to see the fine details and subtleties - you guys are very good with the camera.) One of the things I am really enjoying right now, believe it or not, is your weather. Although none of you are posting weather reports per se (although many of you do have weather widgets) I can easily see how your skies are changing, it's getting dark earlier, your leaves are changing colors and dropping, heavier clothing is evident, you are stacking firewood and are lighting fires in your fireplaces. Can you hear me sighing with envy and turning bright shades of Florida green with extreme jealousy? (YES, the grass is still green and growing here and needs mowing!!)

Here's my Tampa weather report for today...and yesterday...and tomorrow:
Partly Cloudy Skies
NOW (as I type this) 91-Degrees
55% Humidity (it is very low for Tampa)
South at 5 mph (there isn't even a breath of air moving)
Low Temperature:
75 degrees (when it hit that low today is anyone's guess...it was in the 80s when I walked the dog this morning!)

I am NOT complaining about Tampa's weather, not really. Thankfully, none of us in the Tampa Bay area or Florida have experienced a hurricane this year or last. Whew! Lucky. We are blessed with beautiful blue skies, billowing mountains of white clouds, calm and very warm Gulf water temperatures of 85 degrees. Just days and days filled with unending, blinding sunshine. It sounds like the perfect place on earth to vacation and hit the beaches for a tan. Right? What's to complain about? Nothing except I cannot wait much longer for one, ONE, crisp fall-like day. The words A hint of autumn in the air is enough to make me crank the air conditioning in the house down to 60 degrees and grab a sweater and a good book. Hey, I could get the fireplace going with an oak log and make some hot chocolate and really pretend. Please, oh please, will the weather never change around here??!!


Lois said...

I know what you mean Frank. I'm tired of the heat and that few days of fall we had two weeks ago seems like a distant memory. I hear from the weather reports a cold front is coming this weekend. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

James said...

Hi Frank, your picture looks really neat almost like a painting.

I'm not a fan of Florida's weather. I've never been there, but hot and humid is my least favorite.
It really is nice to finally live in a place that has four seasons. My part of California(Costa Mesa) had about as close to perfect weather as it gets. It seemed like it was about 65 to 80f with low humidity and soft ocean breazes just about all year round, but after a lifetime of that it gets boring.
Bring on the snow, I can always go back to California when I'm sick of the cold. :)

Jacob said...

In Ocala, we've broken just about every heat record for the past few days (or weeks?)...crazy? But the weather people say change is on the way -- thank goodness.

I'm really tired of mowing grass and trimming bushes!

Beautiful shot...

Sunny said...

I am always fascinated by the architecture in Florida, your picture offers a feast!
The weather here is starting to feel more like Novemeber than October. Today was a potpourri...clouds, sun, rain, wind...you name it.
Sunny :)

Kcalpesh said...

Superb photo with the earth, water & sky showing the beauty so perfectly!

Thanks for your kind comment on my Skywatch Friday Photo.

- Pixellicious Photos

We love Luna said...

Well dear friend...so nice that you enjoy your weather.Here in Luxembourg is really cold today ( you can understand that for a Brazilian cat it's really cold here).
I just loved the comment that you left in my blog, you are always so kind!
Enjoy the green grass there my friend!
purrs and love

B SQUARED said...

Reading this almost makes me want to run back to SoFla, mow my lawn, and take two showers a day. Almost! Next week, it will become a reality.

Corker2 said...

Yes, I can sorta agree with you there. I don't really think that I'd like being in the same type of climate all the time. I does get boring. However, even though the seasons change up here, I can do without the darn Winter months. I dislike the cold. Spring, Summer, and Fall is ok with me.

As you've seen on my Blog the leaves are changing more and more each day. Weather is getting much cooler. Pretty soon it will get too cold for me, but I have to put up with it. Fall is my favorite time of the year. The smell of Fall is in the air and during the evening hours you get the drift of a wood burning stove. It all smells good to me.

Oh yes. We are leaving for Orlando this Saturday for Disney. It's always fun to wear one type of clothing when you leave and then have to change to another when you arrive!


Frank said...

@ Corker2 - You guys may be in luck. A COLD front may be heading our way and make Disney's weather more comfortable. I think you may have highs in the upper 70s..80-degrees.

Just thinking of the smell of a burning, crackling fireplace makes me want offer to rake leaves for everyone in exchange for chilly fall air and a bowl of hot soup.

Frank said...

@ James - Soft ocean breezes do sound good. Even when I spent time as a kid in Southern California we could count on them and a chill in the air...and much lower humidity. Florida's weather is near ideal but, yes, boring.

Frank said...

@ Lois - Think snow.