Monday, December 14, 2009

Mighty Big Ship: M.V. Trogir - Jadroplov Ltd., Split, Croatia

We are surrounded every day by Florida's natural beauty that draws millions of tourists who come from all over the world to our city and state to see and enjoy things that many of us, sadly, ignore or take for granted. We also tend to overlook the many industries such as cargo shipping that bring so much revenue to our area. Cargo ships and three passenger cruise lines regularly dock here and bring people and products in and out of our port. This ship, the M.V. Trogir, is owned by Jadroplov Ltd., of Split, Croatia, and sails under the Croatian flag. Built in 2001, it is the newest in their fleet of six ships - four bulk carriers and two container ships. At 433 feet in length, the ship, which has four large cranes on deck for loading and off-loading. It’s big and formidable looking. Jadroplov, an international maritime transport company, was founded in 1947 and has been a joint stocked owned company since 1993. Jadroplov’s fleet represents the largest container ships in the Croatian merchant fleet.

Surrounded as we are by lakes, bays, rivers and the Gulf, many of us are guilty of not taking notice of the water as we drive along the Bayshore, cross bridges and causeways, and climb into office towers that have magnificent views. We should do better. Pay more attention. (Maybe even take notice of the giant ships that visit our port. They're not taking passengers on romantic and exciting cruises to exotic ports of call, but that are really interesting.)


brattcat said...

This is a terrific shot.

Don and Krise said...

A wonderful shot Frank. These huge container ships are really something to see in person. It's hard for those that have never seen one up close to tell from a photo. Also, you are right, they are very necessary for the economy.

B SQUARED said...

Every time a see a ship like this I pause and wonder where it has been and where it's going.