Friday, December 04, 2009

SkyWatch FRIDAY - Season 4 Episode 21: Daily Eats, A SoHo Favorite

It has poured rain all day with only brief intervals designed to allow a moment for a small dog to navigate deep puddles out-of-doors without drowning! NO sunshine at all, which is a real rarity for Tampa. It looks like it might snow at any minute. It's 57 degrees so I may break out a wool sweater, parka and gloves - they are hidden away somewhere. Where? So that said, my SkyWatch is rather wintry and gray.

Daily Eats is a very popular "diner" on Tampa's South Howard Avenue in the SoHo dining and entertainment district of South Tampa. It is almost packed and for good reason. Scrumptious food, breakfast to dinner, with an incredibly delicious Koba beef burger and OMG chocolate milk shakes. Mouth watering breakfast, too. Check it out HERE.

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o see the beauty and wonders of the world's most magnificent skies. (And even some other sullen gray scenes like Tampa's.) It's always an amazing show though and all brought to you by Skywatchers from all over the planet.


Enigma said...

Another reason to head back to Tamp the next time I go south. Thanks for sharing, both the pic AND the info on this great diner!

Lori Skoog said...

Is it still raining. Today the temperature at 10 was 27 degrees.

Don and Krise said...

Well, it seems you got a dose of our weather. We're used to the puddles here. Your post made me hungry again Frank. I gain five pounds every time you post a restaraunt.

Jacob said...

We're a bit colder, but otherwise your description of the weather is right on!

Where are the people here...all inside keeping warm?