Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gotta see Godspell at the Jaeb Theater

We were thrilled to be given tickets for the musical Godspell performed in the the Robert and Lorena Jaeb Theater at Tampa's Straz Center for the Performing Arts. The Straz is the largest perfroming arts center south of the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., and tonight it was a full house. All four theaters were packed with audiences to see a wide range of musical theater - Wicked is playing in the largest space, Morsani Hall, Swan Lake by the Moscow Festival Ballet, Stepping with Step Afrika! and the Ballet Folklorico de Mexico fill the other theaters - and Godspell, first performed in 1971, is in my favorite performance space at the Straz, the wonderful and intimate Jaeb Theater. Our seats, with great thanks to Courtney, a wonderful friend of the family - were right at the stage; there were no better in the house. The musical continues through May 16. I highly recommend it. It was a terrific evening and an early Valentine's date night.

Although it was in the low 40s when we left at 9:30, the night was crisp, clear and invigorating. We stepped down to the riverfront and the gorgeous fountains to take some photos of the lights and colorful reflections. I would have lingered but Mrs. Tampa DP was freezing to death. Next time, when it warms a bit, I'll take some nighttime photos of the nearby and brand new Tampa Museum of Art.


brattcat said...

Prepare ye the way of the warmth...glad you had a great time and hope you keep the mrs. toasty today.

Anonymous said...

So glad you enjoyed it!! I'll be there next weekend for Wicked! How lucky we are to live in a city with such great perferforming arts venues.
- Courtney

Jacob said...

What a great complex. Four shows at once! I hear "Wicked" is quite good, too.

Hope your V Day was special!

Toy Camera Play said...

We got to see Godspell. Great show here in Tampa ... we enjoyed it, I'm sure you will too Frank.

Lori Skoog said...

You are lucky to have such a fab facility!