Tuesday, February 23, 2010

No Time for Simple Pleasures

Ah, the simple pleasures. To just kick back and enjoy a fine cigar and superb glass of wine as I explore and capture the people, places and things that are Tampa. It's the good life and terrific city.

I've been absent for several days as an important change have developed that will alter my life and daily routine for many months. It's an extremely positive and even exciting change - a new and challenging opportunity in my career that will take me away from Tampa each day at least through the summer and perhaps into the fall.

I am really looking forward to this unique and unexpected adventure which lies ahead.

I will try to visit your sites and comment as I can, but I won't be able to post with any regularity. I will be buried in new responsibilities and am not sure what the weeks and months ahead will mean to my time. I already miss the fun and great pleasure Tampa Daily Photo and Tampa Florida Photo have given me...and the friendships that I have with you and my loyal Followers.

I will miss you and look forward to the days ahead. When I can, I will return.


Lori Skoog said...

OK Frank! What's the story? I'm not going to get any more visits? What will you be doing???

B SQUARED said...

God speed my friend. We will think of you and miss your valuable contribution to this site. Best wishes for what the future has in store for you.

Lori Skoog said...

Thanks for your kind words. Are you leaving Florida? What's going on?
Email would be fine.

Don and Krise said...

Whatever it is, you seem excited and energized. We wish you the very best in whatever it is that you are taking on. Stop in when you can Frank.

Anonymous said...

Very excited for you, even if it means a hiatus for my favorite blog! Hope to see you and the mrs this weekend!
Courtney :)

magicpolaroid said...

we wait ur new pics!

Hilda said...

Knock-knock. Hello?

It's been six weeks — I hope you two are doing well, Frank.

Jacob said...

Hi Frank! Nice to see you are still around and I appreciate your humorous comments!

Hope all goes well with you!

Gunn said...

Congratulations and good luck!!
I liked your photo!- Stylish in some ways.

Marco Crupi said...

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Hilda said...

Happy birthday, Frank! Have a great birthday weekend!

Despite your long commute, I hope you are enjoying your job. Take care and be safe.

Frank said...

Hilda: You are so, so sweet and thoughtful to mark my birthday.

How is your beuatiful Manila?

It's been a very nice evening here in sweet, cigar-smoking Tampa. (We spent a few hours in our historic Ybor City Latin district, saw the new movie "Salt," and I did pick up two perfect cigars for birthday enjoyment - Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Stories.)

Tomorrow will be a night of fun with two super friends (both extremely talented photographers).

I miss posting!!!!!!! I miss everyone. I will have an update in about 4 weeks.

You're great Hilda!


Largo CPA said...

Good luck whatever your future endeavors! There's nothing better than an adventure.