Monday, June 15, 2009

Datz Delicatessen: Tampa lucks out again with Datz incredibly fine food and fun

The Tampa Bay area is well known for having given birth to a host of extremely successful restaurant chains and dining concepts. You may have heard of Outback Steakhouse and Bonefish Grill. Both were started right here in the Bay area. We're lucky diners to be home to the headquarters of Carrabba's Italian Grill, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar and Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine, all owned by OSI Partners, LLC. They boast that they operate restaurants in 50 states and Outback Steakhouse restaurants in 21 countries. (Outback still has scrumptious burgers, steaks and their indescribable onion creation. I'm getting hungry now.) This is my long-winded lead-in to telling you about a new restaurant that opened just in time for this year's Super Bowl. It's Datz Delicatesson. I can never find a time of day that cars aren't blocking the entire front of the store so the wonderful, 3D sculptural sign out front will have to do. It's rather big. I'd guess these bottles are close to six feet tall and the big square slice of cheese is at least that big. My first experience was a very pleasant surprise in many ways. I had heard it had delicious deli food. Friends and family said very good. But the live music, outdoor dining, second floor balcony bar and tons of fine wines and must-try beers - both unheard of award-winning craft beers and a big selection of foreign and domestic brews - make this a do-not-miss eating/dining experience. Fun atmosphere. BIG menu of foods and drinks. The place is much bigger than it appears from the street and can be very crowded with everyone of every age trying to find a place to park on our crowded South Tampa streets but no one minds waiting patiently to get in. Any wait is worth it. Guaranteed. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. (I don't know the owners but this is a Tampa-born restaurant concept that is a sure-fire winner wherever they decide to open next.) Check out the menu. It even has a photo gallery. The menu is thick and tries to help you decide but it's hard to make a food decision here. Plus, nothing can match being there. This is not your every day deli. Datz for sure!

I am always pleased when a fellow blogger out in our wide, wide world finds me and likes something about what I share with you everyday through my blogs. An award is recognition for the small contribution we make to the ever-growing online blog community. The World Is Flat, the book written by author Thomas Friedman, put it so well when he described how small and connected we are as co-inhabitants of this planet. The thoughts, words and photographs we post each day bring us even closer together. The award is from Bharat Khatri who lives in Jaipur, India. His blog, Unseen Rajasthan, shows us the exotic beauty of his world. I'm glad he likes my blogs and I appreciate the award very much.
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I am passing this award along to the following 5 bloggers for their amazing blogs. Congratulations!

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5. Hilda - My Manila

I enjoy each of these blogs and I'm proud that I can make this award. Be sure to visit them.

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Will said...

You left out Hooters - born in Clearwater!

Hilda said...

Oh hey, we have Outback Steakhouse here! I find it so strange to have an Aussie restaurant start in Florida.

You make Datz sound like such a wonderful place! And you already got me with the cheese.

And thank you so much for the award. This caught me offguard, but such a wonderful surprise! And congratulations on receiving it too. I agree with Bharat's choice in giving it to you — I always have such a fun time reading your blog (aside from looking at your great photos, of course)!

Unseen India Tours said...

Congratulations on the Blog Frank !! You really deserve this one as all your posts are simply amazing and great..

Lois said...

Congrats Frank! I love all those restaurants, especially Outback. One of their founders is an FSU alum and huge supporter of the school.

Frank said...

You're right. I could have included a few more restuarants that have early history or their start here in the Tampa Bay area: Hooters - 270 locations in 40 states and foreign countries; the second MacDonald's in Flroida opened in Tampa in 1957; Beef'O'Brady's - 268 locations in 28 states; PLUS, the fampous BERNS Steakhouse. There is only one but even presidents fly in to dine at Berns. Quite a reputation since opening in 1956.

Tamera said...

Thank you for the award! You made my whole day. I will be proud to display it on my blog.



Victor said...

Frank, thanks so much for the award. Kindest regards from Gabriola.