Thursday, June 11, 2009

Let's Go Greek on Ybor's 7th Avenue

There is a wide variety of fine restaurants, bars and shops along 7th Avenue, the historical main street in Tampa's Ybor City. Best known for its exquisite Spanish cuisine like that found at the century-old, family-owned Columbia Restaurant, there are menus and dining experiences to match anyone's hunger from a fast lunch of an award-winning Cuban sandwich to an evening of fine dining, music and dance. Depending on the time of day, a younger crowd may arrive closer to 10pm to find a bit louder music to fit their taste and fun bars where they can mix and compare tattoos. This lunchtime scene of the Acropolis Greek Tavern right on 7th shows the casual, comfortable feel and welcoming atmosphere. Billed as a "little piece of Athens transported to Tampa," it's located at the corner of 18th Street in the almost century-old Spoto building. It's a family place that has been serving delicious and authentic Greek dishes and live music for a while now and it's popular day and night. The owners have two other locations but none with this much street-side charm and location. Enjoy delicious Greek specialities, full bar and plenty of people-watching if you can snag a table out front. Go Greek in the heart of Historic Ybor City!


Lois said...

Looks like a fun place. I would like to be sitting out there people watching right now (in the shade of course)!

Lowell said...

I've been to Tampa many times but never made it to Ybor loss, I think. One of these days. Nice slice-of-life shot, Frank!